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Network Connection Error When Activating GeoStudio

When attempting to activate GeoStudio, you receive one of the following error messages:

•    Check that you have a network connection. (Error 51409)
•    License activation failed.
•    The operation did not complete withing the time allotted.
•    The HTTP proxy server requires HTTP authentication scheme 'basic'. There was an error communicating with the endpoint at ''. [0x803d0018]
•    Access was denied by the remote endpoint. There was an error communicating with the endpoint at ''. [0x803d0005]


However, you have checked and you have an active internet connection.


So, there must be something that is preventing the GeoStudio license activation from communicating with the license activation server.


Let's check the following to see where the problem is:


1.    Anti-virus software - Some anti-virus software will block unauthorized internet communication.  GeoStudio may not be an authorized program.  First, try temporarily disabling your anti-virus software and then attempt the activation.


2.    Internet Firewall - You may have an internet firewall appliance or software program that is preventing the communication.  Temporarily disable this and attempt the activation again.


3.    Check DNS - The Domain Name System is how domain names (i.e. are translated into Internet Protocol (I.P.) addresses. GeoStudio attempts to communicate with the following domain names during activation:


Make sure these will resolve to an IP address. Open a command prompt and type each of the following commands separately:

> ping

> ping


The ping command may time-out. This is normal. What we are looking for is if they return an IP Address (The I.P. address returned may be different than the ones illustrated above).

If either of these commands does not return a ping, you will need to check with your internet service provider to find out why.


4.    GeoStudio executables that need permission -  If the previous steps still have not resolved the problem, the next step is to ensure that the following programs are able to communicate over the network. This may involve adding a rule exception to your firewall or antivirus software for the following programs:

GeoStudio programs:

  • GeoLicense.exe
  • Gsi.TS.Client.exe.

If activating on a network license server:

lmadmin programs:

  • LicenseInstaller.exe
  • Gsi.TS.Server.exe.

5.    If the above steps do not resolve the problem, you may need to look for the communication blockage further upstream.  Open a command prompt and run the following command:

> tracert


The trace will show you a route of I.P. addresses that your communication is taking to reach our license activation server.  This can help you determine where the communication is being blocked.  Provide this information to your network administrator or internet service provider so they can assist you in allowing communication.


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