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GeoStudio Fails to Install: Error 0x80070005

You are installing GeoStudio and the program fails to install.  You check the setup log file and notice the following error code listed:

Error 0x80070005: Failed to ...

The error code 0x80070005 is a general error code to Windows users. It occurs in fairly broad cases which involve system and app updates and access to the registry.  The error code is reporting that access to a vital area needed during the setup process is being restricted.  This can even happen if you are running the setup program with administrative rights.

Often, the solution is to simply re-start the computer and try the process again.  It may also be necessary to temporarily disable your anti-virus software to run the program setup.

Interrupted Windows Updates may also cause the error to appear.  You should also ensure that all Windows Updates have been applied.

This error code can also appear if your computer is affected by malware and / or a virus.  If re-starting the computer and applying Windows Updates does not correct the problem, you may need to ensure your system is free of malware and viruses.

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