Maintenance period does not entitle you to use this release of Geostudio.

When installing or using GeoStudio, you encounter the following error message:

This license's maintenance period does not entitle you to use this release of GeoStudio. Install an older version of GeoStudio or renew maintenance to use this license.

This error is typically encountered when upgrading or installing a new version of GeoStudio.  Any given GeoStudio release requires a license with a valid software maintenance subscription.  Software maintenance expires and can be renewed.  If the required software maintenance date for GeoStudio is later than the maintenance expiry date of your license, you will need to install a version of GeoStudio with a maintenance date that it supports.

To identify and download a version of GeoStudio that your license supports, first, enter your serial number in the Find My Licenses online tool.

That will return information similar to the following:

In this example, the software maintenance for this license expired at the end of February, 2019.  This license cannot be used on any version of GeoStudio published after that date.

Next, refer to the GeoStudio Alternate Downloads page.  To the right of each version available for download will be the software maintenance required for that version.  Download an installer for a version that meets your maintenance requirements.

In the example above, that license is entitled to use any version published on or before February 2019.  GeoStudio 2019 version (or any earlier release) meets that requirement.

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  • 09-Aug-2019