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New information about GeoStudio Training Resources 
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GeoStudio Learning Content
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Many different learning resources are available for GeoStudio. These are listed below with links to the content.


  • Online Courses: GeoStudio courses covering a range of topics are available in the Seequent Learning Centre.
  • Product Manuals: These provide detailed information on conducting specific types of numerical analysis in GeoStudio, including a detailed summary of the associated theoretical formulations.
  • Example Files: Example files demonstrate how to set up the various analysis types and how to use specific features in GeoStudio. Each example file has an accompanying document providing the model details.
  • Tutorial Videos: These videos cover a wide range of topics including new features, license installation, how to use specific features in the GeoStudio user-interface, and engineering topics such as model convergence.
  • Previous Webinars: View all previous GeoStudio Tech Talks, including webinars on material models, typical workflows, specific analysis types, and specialized boundary conditions.

Many of these resources are available on the Seequent Learning Centre. To access the Seequent Learning Centre, a Seequent ID is required. For information on how to create a Seequent ID, see this article. Note that Bentley customer IDs can also be used to sign into the Seequent Learning Centre.

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