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Find My License
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In this article we explain how you can find your license information.

Find Using GeoStudio

You can retrieve your serial number(s) directly within GeoStudio.  Simply choose the 'Help' | 'License Management' menu option and 'Available Licenses' from the pane on the left.  The License Management dialog box will display a list of all your available licenses.


If your license is associated with a USB Dongle, you can get your dongle's FLEXID number by attaching the dongle to an open USB Port.  Then in GeoStudio, choose the 'Help' | 'License Management' menu option and 'Local Settings' from the pane on the left.

Some of the Host ID's returned will be devices like your network card.  These are not associated with your license.  The ones you are looking for are the Host IDs that begin with FLEXID.


GEOSLOPE has provided an online tool to provide you with details about your license.  You will need to know the serial number or FLEXID (if your license is dongle based).  For convenience, you can copy your serial number or FLEXID directly from the license management dialog box:

View License Information Online

To view information about your license, paste your serial number or FLEXID in our license information utility at the following link:

GEOSLOPE License Information Retrieval


This utility will return the following information* about your license:

  • License features.
  • Serial number.
  • Security type.
  • Activation status.
  • Returns remaining.
  • License posting date.
  • License expiration date.
  • Software maintenance date.

*Not all types of information apply to all types of licenses.

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