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Perpetual License Expiration Explained
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This article explains why a perpetual license for GeoStudio has an expiration date.  It also explains how the software maintenance date relates to GeoStudio licensing.

Conditions for Using a Perpetual License

  • A perpetual GeoStudio license allows you to use the software indefinitely. 
  • Even though the license is perpetual, access to technical support is not.  Without software maintenance, you are not entitled to any technical support.
  • There are some conditions that may apply to using your license:
    • If your perpetual license is for a legacy version:
      • The license will continue to work on the original target operating system.
      • If the license requires a dongle, it will continue to work:
        • With the original dongle hardware.
        • With the original dongle software drivers.
        • On the original target operating system. 
      • There is no assurance that the license will work on newer operating systems.
    • If your license has an expired software maintenance:

License Data Expiration Explained

  • Even though your perpetual license can be used indefinitely under the above conditions, your license data will expire annually and require renewal. 
  • This is a security feature built into the license. 
  • In the event that a security vulnerability allows the license to be compromised, after the vulnerability has been addressed the compromised licenses will expire. 
  • The valid license holder will be able to update their license perpetually.
  • 60 days prior to your license data expiring, we will publish updated license data for the next year.
  • If your license is an online activation license, the software is designed to automatically update the license data if an active internet connection is available.
  • If an internet connection is not available, or if you have not enabled automatic updates, you will need to manually update the license.
  • If your license is a certificate license, requiring a new license file, you can download the update by entering your serial number on our license lookup utility.
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