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GeoMedic is a troubleshooting tool that gathers information about your computer and any GEOSLOPE software installed on it.


GeoMedic does not "install" on your computer.  It is a self-extracting program that deletes itself after it runs.


The information GeoMedic collects is recorded as XML in plain text.  This information is displayed in the text window at the bottom of the GeoMedic user interface.


After GeoMedic has finished running, it allows you to save the information in a text file.  We append the .geomedic extension to the file, but there is nothing special about it.  You can open it in any text editor.


Since we make periodic updates to the GeoMedic program, we always recommend that you download the latest version from the following link:


Download GeoMedic (12.4 MB)


To generate a GeoMedic diagnostic report, please do the following:

  1. Attach any security keys to your computer before running GeoMedic.
  2. Run the GeoMedic executable that you downloaded from the link above*.
  3. Follow the instructions in GeoMedic.
  4. Save the output file when prompted.
  5. Create a support ticket and attach the GeoMedic diagnostic report to your ticket.


*Please note that if your computer has a problem with licensing or network connectivity to the license server, GeoMedic may take a long time to finish running.  When encountering these problems, it is not uncommon for the GeoMedic program to display the "Not Responding" notification in the title bar.  If you encounter this state, please simply allow GeoMedic to finish running in its own time.

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