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Your GeoStudio Serial Number
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This articled explains the composition of and the information contained in your GeoStudio serial number.

The serial number may also be referred to as the Activation ID.  

The GeoStudio Serial Number

  • Your GeoStudio license serial number is presented in the following form:
  • The serial number may also be referred to as the Activation ID.  

Customer Number

  • This portion of your serial number represents the customer number that the license belongs to.
  • It includes the first four digits.
  • This portion of the number does not usually change when the license is updated.
  • You can use this portion of the number to reference your account when communicating with GEOSLOPE sales or support staff.

Entitlement Number

  • An entitlement specifies what features belong to the license. 
  • It includes the next six digits after the Customer Number.
  • Features can be a single product (i.e. SLOPE/W) or a bundled package of engineering features (i.e. GeoStudio Pro). 
  • All features included in the entitlement are checked out when the license is in use. 
  • This has an impact on a floating network license when the entitlement is for a bundle.
    • For example, the GeoStudio Core bundle groups together SLOPE/W, SEEP/W, and SIGMA/W under a single entitlement number. 
    • If a network client checks out the bundle, but is only using the SLOPE/W feature, the other two features are also checked out and unavailable for use by someone else. 
  • This portion of the serial number number will not change when the license is updated.

Entitlement Line Item Number

  • The entitlement line number tracks information about the entitlement that can change over time. 
  • It includes the next six digits after the Entitlement Number.
  • Some of these include license expiry date, software maintenance expiry date and host ID. 
  • Every time this information is updated, the entitlement line number will change.

Verification Number

  • This number is a random computer generated number that is used to provide extra security when performing license operations. 
  • It includes the last four digits of the serial number.
  • This portion of the number will also change when the entitlement line item changes. 
  • This portion is optional when entering in a serial number for lookup or activation.
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