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Your GeoStudio Serial Number

This articled explains the composition of and the information contained in your GeoStudio serial number. The serial number may also be referred to as the Activation ID. # The GeoStudio Serial Number * Your GeoStudio license serial number is presented in the following form: `1111-222222-333333-4444` * The ser…

Find My License

In this article we explain how you can find your license information. # **GeoStudio Licensing Methods** Currently, GeoStudio has three licensing methods. * [Bentley SES][1] - Available on GeoStudio 2022.1 (11.4.0) and later. * [FlexNet][2] - Available on GeoStudio 2021 R2 (11.1.1) and later. * [Seequent ID][3…

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