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How to - Bentley Account - Sign in with GeoStudio
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This article will demonstrate how to sign into your Bentley account using GeoStudio.

Before You Start

  • You will need a version of GeoStudio that supports Bentley licensing.  You can download a supported version using the Bentley CONNECTION Client.
  • You will require an active Bentley account that has been granted GeoStudio license subscriptions.
  • Subscriptions to your account are assigned by an account administrator.
  • The account administrator is someone at your organization who allocates license availability.
  • If you need modifications to your GeoStudio subscriptions, you should contact your account administrator.

Sign in to the Bentley CONNECTION Client

  • Installing a version of GeoStudio that supports Bentley licensing will also install the Bentley CONNECTION Client.
  • The CONNECTION Client is configured to launch automatically.
  • Sign in with your existing Bentley account.

Access Bentley Licenses in GeoStudio

  • Launch your version of GeoStudio that supports Bentley licensing.
  • The top-right menu option is the User Profile menu.
    • If you are using legacy FlexNet licenses, this will display "Local Profile".
    • If you are using Seequent ID licenses, this will display your account ID.
  • Click on the User Profile menu and select "Change License System...".
  • Select the option to use Bentley Account licenses.
  • If you are not already signed in, you will be prompted to sign in to the CONNECTION Client.
  • The CONNECTION Client will attempt to sign you in:
  • Once you are signed in, your profile menu will display your Bentley account ID.
  • You will have access to any GeoStudio licenses your account administrator has granted you.

Display License Entitlements

To see the license entitlements you have access to via your Bentley account:

  • Click on the user profile menu.
  • Select "License Management".
  • GeoStudio will display the licensing available to you.
  • Bentley licensing models may appear differently in License Management depending on account type and offerings available.

More Information About Bentley Licensing

For more information about Bentley licensing, please refer to:

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