GeoStudio System Requirements

The GeoStudio minimum system requirements are listed on the Downloads page. When purchasing or upgrading a PC or considering where to install GeoStudio, keep the following in mind:

  • SLOPE/W and the GeoStudio “flow products” (SEEP/W, TEMP/W, AIR/W, and CTRAN/W) are formulated to take advantage of every thread available.  All else being equal, more cores (or threads) will equal faster solve times. It isn’t quite linear: solve time will not be halved by doubling the number of threads, but this is where the most improvement can be seen. It's generally worthwhile having at least 4-6 cores.
  • Clock speed is just as important. Perhaps more so, because doubling the clock speed will definitely result in halving the solve time.
  • The next consideration is the hard drive. The GeoStudio solvers write a lot of data to disk while solving, and a lot of data is read from disk while viewing results (for contouring, graphing, and especially when viewing results across multiple time steps or analyses), so fast disk access will result in faster solves and snappier viewing of results. An SSD drive is preferred.
  • Memory usage is of course very project-dependent and application-dependent, but in general a typical 2D problem can be solved with 2-3 GB of RAM. A problem using 4 GB and upwards is not abnormal but would be considered to be large.
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  • 31-Jan-2020