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Running GeoStudio on an Apple Mac

GeoStudio is exclusively a Microsoft Windows application.  To run GeoStudio on a mac, please consider the following options:

Dual-boot between macOS and Windows using Apple's Boot Camp

Boot Camp allows you to install the Microsoft Windows operating systems that work directly with the hardware on the Mac. Because this is essentially a “pure” Windows installation, there are no restrictions to installing and using GeoStudio.  Please refer to Apple support for assistance in using Boot Camp:

This method can be used with GeoStudio standalone licensing.

Run Windows using a virtual machine

Our licensing software vendor does not currently support USB or activation node-locked licenses on virtual machines running on a Mac.  However, GeoStudio will run on a MAC client running a Windows virtual machine if you are using floating licenses hosted on a network license server.  The following are some virtual machine solutions for running Windows on macOS:

Please note that GeoSlope does not provide assistance with getting Windows running on a Mac.

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