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This article explains your options for running GeoStudio on an Apple Mac.

Before You Start

  • GeoStudio is exclusively a Microsoft Windows application.
  • GEOSLOPE does not publish a native macOS version of GeoStudio.
  • To run GeoStudio on macOS, you will need to use an option that allows Microsoft Windows to run on the computer.
  • GEOSLOPE does not provide assistance with getting Windows running on a Mac.

Dual-boot with Boot Camp

  • Boot Camp allows you to install the Microsoft Windows operating systems that work directly with the hardware on the Mac.
  • Because this is essentially a “pure” Windows installation, there are no restrictions to installing and using GeoStudio.  
  • Please refer to Apple support for assistance in using Boot Camp:
  • This method can be used with GeoStudio standalone licensing.

Run Windows Using a Virtual Machine

  • GeoStudio licensing does not currently support USB or activation node-locked licenses on virtual machines running on a Mac.
  • GeoStudio will run on a MAC client running a Windows virtual machine if you are using floating licenses hosted on a network license server.  
  • The following are some virtual machine solutions for running Windows on macOS:
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