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Retired USB Dongles
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This article explains how to check if your license's USB dongle is a legacy dongle. 

Legacy dongles have reached end-of-life status and need to be replaced for continued use with newer versions of GeoStudio.

Before You Start

  • These steps assume the host operating system is Windows 10.

Steps to Perform

  1. Attach your GeoStudio FLEXID dongle to a USB Port on your computer.
  2. Check that the red light on the dongle is illuminated.
  3. On the 'Windows Taskbar', click on the 'Start' button (shortcut:  Windows logo key or Ctrl + Esc).
  4. Open the 'Windows System' folder.
  5. Launch the 'Control Panel' application.
  6. Change the 'View By' drop down list to one of the 'Icon' settings.
  7. Select 'Device Manager'.
  8. Navigate to the 'Universal Serial Bus Controllers' entry and expand it.
  9. Look for the device named 'Sentinel USB Key'.
  10. Right-click on this device and select 'Properties'.
  11. Navigate to the 'Details' tab.
  12. Select the 'Bus reported device description' property.
  13. If the description says “HASP4 USB 1.33”, you have a retired HASP4 dongle.  
  14. If the description says “Sentinel HL”, you have a newer HASP dongle.

If you have a HASP4 dongle, please contact [email protected] to order a replacement.

Enable Legacy Dongle

  • In newer versions of GeoStudio, you may be able to temporarily enable the use of a legacy HASP 4 dongle.
  • Please note that there may be reduced performance or functionality when using a legacy dongle with this option
  • This option may not be available once the software fully deprecates support for legacy dongles.
  1. Start GeoStudio.
  2. Go to the Help | License Management menu option.  
  3. Select Local Settings from the pane on the left.  
  4. Enable the legacy USB dongle check box.

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