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GeoStudio License Modes

In this article we explain the different GeoStudio license modes and how to select them.

Before You Start

  • The "Best available license" mode was introduced in GeoStudio 2018 R2.

Selecting License Modes

  • GeoStudio license modes are selected on the 'Start Page':


  • When you select a feature-limiting license mode, the bottom of the 'Start Page' will display an appropriate notification:


License Mode Descriptions

The various license modes are:

  • Best available license:
    • This mode will enable all "Full licenses" that you are entitled to use and "Basic licenses" for others. 
    • This license mode will not enable "Student" or "Viewer licenses".
  • Full license:
    • This mode will only enable "Full licenses" available to you.
    • "Basic", "Student", and "Viewer licenses" are not available.
  • Basic license:
    • This mode will only enable the GeoStudio "Basic licenses" you are entitled to.
  • Student license:
    • This is a feature restricted license mode that is free to use.
    • It is built into GeoStudio.
    • It does not require a separate serial number to enable.
  • Viewer license:
    • This mode allows access to all engineering analysis types in a read-only context.


For a full description of GeoStudio license mode features, please refer to our Licensing Options page.

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