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Effective 2024-07-01, Seequent will introduce updated Annual Maintenance policies for GeoStudio products.

From this date, GeoStudio perpetual licenses that are not current on maintenance will become machine-locked to the computer or server where the software is installed.

This means they cannot be moved to another device or restored to the current device in the event of, but not limited to, software failure, virtual machine re-hosting, formatted hard drive and so forth.
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GeoStudio License Modes
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In this article we explain the different GeoStudio license modes and how to select them.

Before You Start

  • The "Best available license" mode was introduced in GeoStudio 2018 R2.

Selecting License Modes

  • GeoStudio license modes are selected on the 'Start Page':


  • When you select a feature-limiting license mode, the bottom of the 'Start Page' will display an appropriate notification:


License Mode Descriptions

The various license modes are:

  • Best available license:
    • This mode will enable all "Full licenses" that you are entitled to use and "Basic licenses" for others. 
    • This license mode will not enable "Student" or "Viewer licenses".
  • Full license:
    • This mode will only enable "Full licenses" available to you.
    • "Basic", "Student", and "Viewer licenses" are not available.
  • Basic license:
    • This mode will only enable the GeoStudio "Basic licenses" you are entitled to.
  • Student license:
    • This is a feature restricted license mode that is free to use.
    • It is built into GeoStudio.
    • It does not require a separate serial number to enable.
  • Viewer license:
    • This mode allows access to all engineering analysis types in a read-only context.


For a full description of GeoStudio license mode features, please refer to our Licensing Options page.

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