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Reset FlexNet Publisher License Server Manager Password
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This article explains how to reset the password for the FlexNet Publisher Dashboard.

Access the FlexNet Publisher Dashboard

  • The FlexNet Publisher Dashboard allows you to configure the license manager for GeoStudio network licenses. 
  • Using the default settings, you can access the dashboard by opening a web browser and going to:
  • This will take you to the main landing page:
  • To access the administration functions of the dashboard, you need to click on the Administration tab at the top right:
  • This will prompt you to enter in the administrator credentials:

Password Reset Options

  • The default username and password are found in the FlexNet Publisher Dashboard documentation
  • If you have changed the default credentials and have forgotten what they are, there is no built-in way to recover them or reset them. 
  • You will be required to uninstall and re-install the license manager.
  • Uninstalling the license manager does not remove any activated licenses on the computer.
  • After re-installing the license manager, the username and password will return to the default settings.
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