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Changing the FlexNet Publisher License Server Manager Port Number

Port range

The default port range for a FlexNet License Server Manager is from 27000 to 27009.


If you are running multiple FlexNet License Server Managers on the same computer, you need to ensure that they are not trying to use the same port numbers.  If they are, this will cause connectivity conflicts and prevent GeoStudio from acquiring a license.


Change the port number

The following steps will show you how to change the port number.  The port number used below was chosen for illustration purposes only.  You should check to ensure that the port number you choose does not conflict with your particular network environment (you can start a command prompt and use the netstat -an command to get a list of used ports on the computer).

  • When you installed lmadmin, a shortcut to the FlexNet Publisher Dashboard was included.  Find this to access the dashboard through an internet browser:
  • Click on the Administration link at the top right corner:
  • The default user name and password are both:
  • If this is the first time logging into the Administration portal, you will be prompted to enter a new password.  It is recommended that you record this new password somewhere safe.  There is no method to reset the password other than uninstalling and reinstalling lmadmin.
  • Next, click on the Server Configuration tab on the left:
  • Now, click on the License Server Configuration section title:
  • In the section that specifies Use this Port, enter a new port number.  In this example, we will choose port 27100.
  • Once you change the port number, click on the Save button at the lower right corner.
  • To ensure that the changes have taken place, restart the license manager service.  If you click on the Stop Server button at the top, the server will stop, but you will not be able to restart the service:
  • Instead, start the Services Microsoft Management Console and look for the geoslope-lmadmin service:
  • Restart this service.  The new port number should now be in affect.
  • Now, start your GeoStudio client and choose the Help | License Management menu option.
  • Select Network Settings from the pane on the left:
  • Ensure that the Enable network (floating) licenses check box is checked.
  • If there are no license server entries, you will click on the Add button to make one.  If there is an existing entry, you will click on the license server name and edit it.
  • In this example, the license server name is:
    and the port number is:
  • Enter the port number, followed by the '@' symbol, followed by the license server name (it is only necessary to include the port number if it is outside the default range):
  • Now, click on the Test button.  After testing that the connection is successful, click on Apply and close the License Management window.  Your network licenses should now be available.
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