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Activation License Returns Explained
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In this article we explain how online activation license returns work.

How it works

When a GeoStudio online activation license is initially created, it resides on the GeoStudio license fulfillment server.  When the user activates the license, the GeoStudio software communicates with the license fulfillment server to see if the license entitlement is available to transfer to the requesting computer.  Once it is transferred, the license is marked as activated and your software is able to use the license entitlement.


At times, you may need to move the license to another computer.  The mechanism whereby it can be transferred to another computer is referred to as a "Return".


When the license is returned, the license entitlement is transferred back to the GeoStudio license fulfillment server and removed locally from the computer it was activated on.  The return is marked with a timestamp that records:

  • Who returned the license.
  • What computer it was returned from.
  • The date and time of the return.


Once a return is initiated, it is put on a 30 day timer.  The return cannot be used again until the timer has expired.  GeoStudio provides 10 returns with each activation license.



The following scenarios illustrate the Return mechanism in action:


  • The user returns the license for the first time on January 1.
    • That particular return would be unavailable for use until January 31. 
    • The license would still have 9 returns available to use. 
    • If the license was activated and returned again on January 5, the second return would be on a timer until February 4 and the license would have 8 returns available for use.
  • The user chooses to activate and return the license multiple times in a single day.
    • All returns for that day will have their timers initiated and be unavailable for use during the next 30 days. 
    • If this happened on January 14 and was activated / returned twice, those two returns would become available again on February 13.

Things to Consider

  • Returns are intended for:
    • Occasional transfer to another computer.
    • A computing environment where the overhead and cost of network licensing is prohibitive. 
  • If you are frequently hitting your return usage limit, you should contact GeoStudio sales for your options to convert your license entitlements to a network license.
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