License Usage Statistics

GeoStudio licensing relies on FLEXnet licensing developed by Flexera.  The license manager used by GeoStudio to serve network licenses is called lmadmin.  lmadmin stores license requests in the Vendor Daemon log files.

Vendor Daemon log files are administered through the FlexNet Publisher Dashboard.  The dashboard can be accessed by its icon in the start menu:

After opening the dashboard, click on the Administration link and log in:

Next, select the Vendor Daemon Configuration tab on the left and click on the Administer link:

The Vendor Daemon Log section shows the location of the log files on the system.  It also includes a link to view the log file:

The log file contains the raw data for each license request, including the user, feature, and time the license was checked in or out:

This is the only license tracking provided by lmadmin.  If you are looking for more detailed license reporting, you will need to look into a third party solution such as:

GEOSLOPE does not endorse any third party license management system.

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  • 01-Sep-2019