License Manager Alerts

The FlexNet Publisher licensing system is used to serve application license entitlements across a network.  lmadmin is the name of the license manager software.  It includes a web interface that allows for the configuration and administration of lmadmin.

The FlexNet Publisher web interface features a control header across the top of the page.  The control header allows you to select between an informational display (the Dashboard) and a configuration mode (Administration).

One of the features of the Dashboard is an alerts section that displays both Critical and Informational alerts:

If you click on an item in the Alert section, you will see details about that alert.

You can also clear the message by clicking the X icon next to the alert item. Alerts are not cleared automatically when the condition changes. You must manually clear the alert to remove it from this list.

For full details regarding alerts and general usage of lmadmin, click on the help icon at the top of the control header.

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  • 02-Aug-2019