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Manually Updating Network Licenses
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In this article we outline the process for manually updating your licenses on the license manager.

Before You Start

  • This process assumes the host operating system is Windows Server 2019.
  • You should have direct administrator access to the computer the license manager is running on.
  • If you need to manually download your license file(s), you will need to have your license serial numbers ready.

Download the Latest License File(s)

Proceed with this section if the license manager computer does not have an active internet connection.  If it does have an active internet connection, proceed with the next section.

  1. Using a Web Browser, go to the 'Find my licenses' utility on the GEOSLOPE website:
  2. Enter your serial number(s) and click on the 'Find my licenses' button.
  3. The page will return a list of valid serial numbers.  To the right of each serial number you will find a download link to the license file.  There will be no download link if the license is an online activation license.
  4. Download your license files.
  5. Copy the new license files to the license file folder on the license manager.  The default location is either:
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\GEO-SLOPE\lmadmin\licenses\geoslope
    • C:\ProgramData\Seequent\lmadmin\licenses\geoslope
  6. To find the exact path, launch the 'FlexNet Publisher Dashboard' on the license server and enter the admin page and select the vendor daemon tab.

Launch the License Installer Application

  1. On the 'Windows Taskbar', click on the 'Start' button (shortcut:  Windows logo key or Ctrl + Esc).
  2. Open the 'GEO-SLOPE' folder.
  3. Click on 'LicenseInstaller'.
  4. After License Installer launches, click on 'Update Licenses' in the pane on the left.

Update Licenses

  1. Click on the 'Update Licenses...' button to check for any license updates available.
  2. If your license manager has an internet connection, it will reach out to the GEOSLOPE license fulfillment server and download any license updates that you are entitled to.

Enable Automatic Updates

  • The license manager can perform a daily check for license updates.
  • To enable automatic license updates, check automatic update box.
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