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Installing or Upgrading to lmadmin 2021.4
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In this article we review what you should consider when upgrading your license manager to lmadmin 2021.4.

Before You Start

  • lmadmin is the license manager program used by GeoStudio to serve network licenses. 
  • Although lmadmin is developed by Flexera, GeoStudio uses a unique implementation of lmadmin. 
  • lmadmin 2021.4 is our current supported version.  It can be downloaded on our Network License Server resource page.
  • That page also includes a link to download the full documentation for lmadmin.
  • The minimum server OS requirement to run lmadmin 2021.4 is Windows Server 2016. 
  • Installations on older operating systems are not supported.
  • lmadmin 2021.4 is capable of serving all GeoStudio licenses, including licenses for legacy versions that are no longer supported.
  • If you are using network licensing with GeoStudio 2021.4, you will need to upgrade to lmadmin 2021.4.  GeoStudio 2021.4 cannot be served licenses from earlier versions of lmadmin.

Upgrading on the Same Computer

  • lmadmin 2021.4 does not do an in-place upgrade.  You will need to uninstall your existing version of lmadmin first.
  • After uninstalling the previous version, simply install the new version.
  • Uninstalling / re-installing lmadmin may require a system re-start.
  • If you have any activation licenses on the computer, you may get a warning about them when uninstalling the previous version of lmadmin. 
  • If you are upgrading from a 32 bit version of lmadmin, you will need to return your activated licenses before proceeding.
  • You can ignore these warnings and proceed with the uninstall as long as you are upgrading from a 64 bit version of lmadmin and you are going to re-install lmadmin 2021.4 on the same computer.
  • Regardless, we strongly recommend returning your activated licenses before upgrading, and re-activating them afterwards.  This will avoid any unforeseen problems with activation licenses. 

Upgrading to a Different Computer

  • Set up the new license server first.  Ensure it meets the minimum system requirements for lmadmin 2021.4.
  • Install lmadmin 2021.4 on the new server.
  • If your licenses are Activation licenses:
    • On the old license server, start the LicenseInstaller application and choose the option to 'Move Licenses'.
    • Take note of the serial numbers you will be returning.
    • Initiate the return process and return all of your activation licenses.
    • On the new license server, activate the returned licenses using the LicenseInstaller application.
  • If your licenses are node locked to the HostID of the computer:
    • Run GeoMedic on both the old and new license server.  This will create a diagnostic report file for each computer.
    • Create a ticket in the GeoStudio Support Portal and attach the diagnostic reports in your ticket to request having the licenses moved to the new server.
    • GeoStudio technical support will advise you when the changes to the licenses have been completed.
  • After the new license server is running, re-configure your GeoStudio clients to point to the new license server.
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