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Return a Network License
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In this article we explain the process for returning a network license using the online return method.   Returning a GeoStudio license makes it available for activation on another computer.

Before You Start

  • This process assumes the host operating system is Windows Server 2019.
  • An internet connection that allows outbound traffic on port 80.

How to Return the License

  • Launch LicenseInstaller.  LicenseInstaller is a program that is installed during the lmadmin installation.
  • From the pane on the left, choose 'Move licenses'.
  • Click on the 'Return Licenses...' button.
  • The next window will list the activation licenses available on the computer.
  • Some licenses have entitlements for multiple GeoStudio products.  These will all have the same serial number.  Returning one product will return them all.
  • Left-click the serial number(s) you want to move to the new license server and click on the 'Next >' button.
  • The dialog box will indicate when the return has successfully been completed.
  • Your license(s) is(are) now ready for activation on the new license server.

Things to Consider

  • There is a time sensitive limit to the number of returns you can perform.  Refer to the following link for more information:
    Activation License Returns Explained
  • If you exceed the maximum number of returns available, GEOSLOPE support can assist you.
  • There is no license file associated with an online activation license.  The data is stored via encryption directly on your hard drive.
  • Uninstalling lmadmin does not uninstall any licenses. 
    • If you uninstall lmadmin and forget to return your license, the activation still resides on the computer.
    • If you have uninstalled lmadmin and the activation is still on the computer, you can simply re-install lmadmin to access and return the license.
  • Major changes to the computer's hardware, or re-hosting a virtual machine, can invalidate the activation.  First, return your licenses before making such changes.  Refer to the following link for more information:
    Installing GEOSLOPE software in a Virtual Environment
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