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Setup Error: Failed to Verify Payload

You are installing GeoStudio or Lmadmin and the program fails to install.  You check the setup log file and notice one of the following errors:

Failed authenticode verification of payload...
Failed to verify signature of payload...
Failed to cache payload...
Failed to verify hash of payload...

Some components of GeoStudio and Lmadmin are signed using a code signing certificate issued by a Certificate Authority. During the installation, the setup components are verified and the root certificate must be available, otherwise the verification step of the installer fails.

This error can be due to a the absence of a connection to the Internet, a corrupted installer downloaded, or an inability to access the temporary working folder due to permission issues.

To resolve this problem, please try the following:

1. Download the installer from again, wait until it is fully downloaded, and try running the installer again.
2. Make sure you are connected to the Internet and that setup is not blocked by a firewall, to allow the installer to download and install any required root certificates for verification.
3. Ensure all Windows Updates have been installed.
4. Download the latest root certificate updates from Microsoft, and install them manually. For more information please refer to Knowledge Base article 931125 from Microsoft:

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