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Error -4,132 - The maximum number of users has been reached
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In this article we explain the error message:

The maximum number of users has been reached. (Error -4,132)


Before You Start

  • Some steps require direct administrator access to the license manager computer.
  • Those steps assumes the host operating system on the license manager is Windows Server 2019.
  • Please refer to the Setting Up an lmadmin License Server document for instructions on how to set up lmadmin and log into the FlexNet Publisher Dashboard (page 6).


  • Your licenses are accessed from a network license manager.
  • All available license entitlements that your GeoStudio analysis file requires are currently in use.

Steps to Resolve

Check License Usage in GeoStudio

  1. GeoStudio provides a way to check who is using a specific network license feature.
  2. The license management dialog box provides this information.
  3. Navigate to the 'Help' | 'License Management' menu options.
  4. Select 'Available Licenses' from the pane on the left.
  5. Select a license product from the list.
  6. Click on the 'Usage' button to see a list of who is using the license:



Checking License Usage on the License Manager

  1. On the 'Windows Taskbar', click on the 'Start' button (shortcut:  Windows logo key or Ctrl + Esc).
  2. Open the 'GEO-SLOPE' folder.
  3. Click on 'FlexNet Publisher Dashboard'.
  4. If your licenses are Borrowable (i.e. they can be checked out for exclusive usage) click on the 'Activatable' icon.
  5. If your licenses are not Borrowable, click on the 'Concurrent' icon.
  6. Scroll through the list of features available to you.
  7. If any of the features are in use, it will be indicated and a 'Hosts' link will be displayed. 
  8. To see the usage for a particular feature, click on the 'Hosts' link:


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