License Server Incompatible with GeoStudio Version

When installing GeoStudio, you receive an warning regarding compatibility with your license server.  The warning message reads:

One or more of your license servers will not work with this version of GeoStudio because the version of the license server is older than the version of GeoStudio.

Since this is only a warning, you can bypass this message and continue installing GeoStudio by checking the "Disregard license status warning, and continue with upgrade" check box.

Although you can continue installing GeoStudio, you may still have a problem with getting licenses from a license server. 

Starting with GeoStudio 2016 version, the licensing technology in GeoStudio was upgraded to implement necessary bug fixes.  Our license server manager, lmadmin, shares the same licensing technology code as GeoStudio.  Because we upgraded that technology in GeoStudio, we also needed to upgrade the technology in lmadmin.  The upgraded licensing code was released with lmadmin 9.

Without lmadmin 9, GeoStudio versions and later will not be able to request a license.

To ensure that your license servers are able to serve GeoStudio licenses to all GeoStudio clients, we recommend that you upgrade your license server to lmadmin 9. Please refer to the following article for upgrade instructions:

Installing or Upgrading to lmadmin 9

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  • 01-Sep-2019