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Problem - License Server Version Older than GeoStudio Version
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In this article we explain explain problems that arise when using an out-dated license manager with a newer version of GeoStudio.  You may receive the following warning message when installing GeoStudio:

One or more of your license servers will not work with this version of GeoStudio because the version of the license server is older than the version of GeoStudio.


  • Both the lmadmin license manager and GeoStudio rely on underlying licensing technology (the license 'toolkit) to communicate with one another.
  • The license manager can serve licenses to GeoStudio clients that have a toolkit version number equal to, or less than its own version number.
  • At times is becomes necessary to update GeoStudio and lmadmin license toolkits.
  • Unless both are updated, you may experience this warning.
  • You will typically experience this message when installing GeoStudio 2016 version (or later) while using a license manager earlier than lmadmin 9.

Before You Begin

  • Since this is only a warning, you can bypass this message and continue installing GeoStudio by checking the 'Disregard license status warning, and continue with upgrade' check box.
  • Although you can continue installing GeoStudio, you may still have a problem with getting licenses from the license manager. 

Steps to Resolve

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